Sunday, March 04, 2007

knitting for not-so-cold weather

I finished the last two pairs of mittens I'll be making for awhile. I'm a little mitten-ed out. The first pair are the mittens from Turkey from Folk Mittens. I think these came out beautifully. The yarn is from the bits I had after I frogged the Crichton cardigan. I'm doing pretty good with the yarn from that sweater - I've used up half of the white, all but about 30 yards of the pink, half of the periwinkle, a quarter each of the red and gray. Once I finish it all I'll have to do a collage of what Crichton turned into.

These mittens...well, they're not quite as classic as the others I've been making. I was digging through some old knitting stuff that I'd forgotten I'd had, and found a few balls of Bouton d'Or angora. It's a soft gray, plied with a metallic gold thread. I striped it with the red merino yarn, and while they're a little "3 year old at Christmas-time", they're the softest mittens I've ever made. The gold sparkles a lot more in person.

I have two projects in progress right now, too. The first is the stripes and torchon lace from Victorian Lace Today. I finished the center section (I made it 3 pattern repeats wide and 20 long) and have started on the knitted-on border. This is my first time doing a border like this, and it took a little getting used to. I accidentally twisted the knitting twice and had to rip it out before I finally got the hang of it. And then I had the brilliant idea to work on it while I was tired, and of course made a mistake that I couldn't figure out and ended up ripping out the two good repeats. So what you see in the picture is only two repeats, but understand that it took a whole lot of knitting to get to this point. I'm only working on it now when I'm alert, and it's going much better. I can't wait until I block it - it will look so much nicer.

Finally, I've managed to finish a sleeve for my Salina sweater from Rowan's Vintage Knits. Luckily there's enough shaping in this sweater that the stockinette doesn't get too boring. All I have to do now is knit one more sleeve, the collar and cuffs, and then seam it all together. I'm hoping to finish this soon, because I'd like to move on to a different sweater.

I'll close with this picture - can you guess what these skeins are going to become? They're fingering weight merino, if that gives you any clues...


Anonymous mel said...

Wow, I love seeing your WIP's - they are always inspiring :) Salina is so classic, can't wait to see it and your beautiful lace. And those mittens... I am totally in love. Beautiful!!

3:28 PM  
Blogger hege said...

I was also going to say wow! You don't kid around. When you post you have a gazillion finished or almost finished items! Wonderful mittens, and great sweater! Absolutely gorgeous lace scarf! Mine was like that, too, with the knit 1 repeat, frog two. :) But at least the repeats go fast. I really love the color!

5:36 PM  
Blogger randi K design said...

Wow, beautiful work! Lots of great projects!

2:33 PM  

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