Sunday, January 29, 2006

lots and lots of stockinette.

Here's the pillowcase I was working on for a present. It's going to be one out of three - all will have the same colors, but a different geometric pattern. I've "made up" the pattern for all of them, with lots of help from 1000 Knit Motifs. I used Knitpicks Crayon on US 6s and I completely hated it. It was the most splitty yarn ever, it hurt my hands and as you can see it doesn't have very good definition at all. For it's benefit, though, I do have to admit that it is very squishy when it is all knit up. Fun to own the pillow, not so much fun to make it. The pillow was knitted in the round, and then I crocheted two seams to close it. It used about one skein of blue and one of green.

These are mittens that I made for myself, since my old ones didn't match my new winter coat (boo hoo). I wish I could remember what yarn I used - I inadvertantly threw out the tags. I remember it was 100% wool, and possibly Italian. It is perfect for mittens. The wool is so soft, yet knits up into a nice sturdy fabric. I used US 4s, I believe. Also, a bonus - if you look closely, you will see my cat's paw delicately showing them off, much in the manner of Vanna White.

Here is the Sweater of Doom, a.k.a. The Blob. Debbie Bliss Cathay in black, US 3s, and lots and lots of stockinette. The sleeves and body are longer than they appear in the photo - everything is pretty bunched up on the needle right now. I'm doing something potentially innovative with this design, although I'm pretty sure that it's been done before. To give the cotton blend some stability, I knitted everything in pieces up to the underarms. Then I learned mattress stitch, and did a surprisingly neat job of joining everything together, or at least I thought so. Now it is all on a circular needle, and I will be following Elizabeth Zimmerman's directions from The Knitting Workshop (best knitting book ever) for a set-in sleeve. I wish it weren't so bulky or I could probably be getting more work done on it during rehearsals and such.

My copy of Meg Swansen's Sweaters from Camp is slowly making its way to my house, as well, so I will finally be able to pick out a project and some yarn for Rebekkah's knitalong.