Saturday, November 29, 2008

are you pondering what I'm pondering?

I was without internet access for a month, so Demi will probably look a lot different from when you saw it last.

I don't know if I ever mentioned that I'm knitting this circularly, so I won't have any seams to sew when I'm done. I managed to knit the sleeves and body up to the underarms without any problems, but now I am a little perplexed.

(The color is somewhere between these two pictures.)

The joining of the sleeve and body looks right, but I'm just not sure. All I did was follow the decreasing instructions that the pattern gave, I just worked the whole sweater at the same time rather than worked on one piece at a time. (Many, many Post Its were used in this effort, and one bamboo knitting needle was sacrificed.) I am not too concerned, because I know that at least I am right up to the underarm. I don't see why I would be wrong, but I'm also not too convinced that I am correct.

Every time I got bored or confused with Demi this past month, I worked a few rows on some other knitting until I felt like looking at Demi again.

Okay, so I got bored and confused a lot. But the good news is, with the way I am confused over Demi's neckline, I will have two matching pairs of socks in no time.

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Blogger Julie said...

Raglan decreasing comes out to minus eight stitches every two rounds. You can decrease at all four points every round, or do two decreases at the four points every other round, or any other variation, but that's the bottom line on math. So if that's what the pattern is doing, go with it. If not, it should be fairly easy to fix. Raglans, especially raglans with cables and ribbing like yours, can look kind of odd as they're knit up, until they're washed and worn. So it could just be that. I can't tell from the photos, but it looks like it could be all right.

Good luck.

10:28 AM  

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