Sunday, October 14, 2007

true confessions of a knitter gone mad

Forgive me, Knitters, for I have sinned.

It has been...far too long since my last confession post. And somehow, between then and now, I tripped and fell into a fabric store.

For penance I made myself learn how to piece, and have so far hand-quilted six of the nine squares in this pillowcase.
And then, just to be very sure that I had learned my lesson, I pieced the other side of the pillowcase and may or may not have bought 13 other fabrics. Just so I could really think about what I had done.

I am nothing if not very strict.

What about the knitting? Well, it's still around. In fact, I found a sock-in-progress in the gravel next to my car yesterday morning, leading me to believe that my projects are taking matters into their own hands and indeed stalking me in an attempt to get some attention. It's working, more or less.

These past few weeks I have been busily trying to find an apartment, and then busily packing all my goods for said apartment. It's a lovely place - it will save me more than 12 hours a week on my commute, is very close to a yarn store, and no sign of moths anywhere. I'm leaving this Friday, and don't expect the Internet to be ready until perhaps November 1st, so please forgive my absence once again. I promise I will be putting those 12 extra hours to very good use.
If you are so inclined, I've also joined Ravelry. You can find me under "Becki". So far I've only uploaded a few finished projects, but it's always nice to make friends.

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