Friday, March 31, 2006

how do you solve a problem with a crichton?

Well, the good news - the steeks are all enforced, and the right armhole has been cut. I could never have done it without Eunny's amazing tutorial. I tried to figure out a crocheted steek from Sweaters From Camp and it just didn't click. I'm so grateful to Eunny for taking the time to make her tutorial.

The bad news - I am officially stuck in the instructions. I made it all the way through the Neck Opening until reaching the last sentence: "Weave shoulders stitches." Alright, fine...but where are the shoulders? They must be there, right? I've re-read all of the previous instructions and can't see where I might have gone wrong. I put in a plea to Rebekkah, and am hoping that she'll find the magical sentence that I seem to be missing. I puzzled over it for about two hours last night before deciding to go ahead with the steeks. Then I made the mistake of reading ahead to the Neck Band instructions. The pattern wants me to knit up stitches from the holder on the right front of the neck (no problem), along the right side of the neck (okay), stitches on the back holder -- what!? I don't have a back holder! - and then along the left side of the neck and from the holder on that side as well. I read through the pattern a few more times and can't find any mention of a back holder. I'm hoping that once the mystery of the shoulders is solved, this will be cleared up as well.

Oh wait - are the shoulders just the remaining stitches on the front, and the "back holder" neck stitches those in the middle that won't be used, as there are approximately 22 less stitches on the front than in the back? (Those 22 stitches are currently on the front neck holder.) This may be right. I'll have to ponder it for awhile.

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Anonymous Lola Lee Beno said...

Right . . . the shoulder stitches are the ones that are remaining on the front needles. You sew the front stitch with the corresponding back stitch. Personally, I prefer to use the 3 needle bindoff - I just turn my garment inside out and bind off the back and front stitch together - that way the pattern lines up with each other and better secures the stress points.

4:50 AM  
Blogger hege said...

I agree, three needle bind-off is very nice and strong and lines up perfectly. Although I do use grafting/weaving usually, because I like it totally flat, no ridge on the inside. Sounds like you have the shoulder stitches all figured out correctly.

4:10 PM  

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