Monday, May 15, 2006

this week

If you're wondering where I am, well, it's finals week and it's pouring rain and I'm supposed to be packing to leave here at 9am on Saturday morning, which is the same day that I start my new job.


No pictures will be available for awhile because of all those reasons, but I have made a little bit of progress. I determined that I did have enough yarn to do the button bands on Crichton properly, so I've decided to rip out the wrong one and do them as the pattern instructs. I have half of one done correctly (complete with buttonholes!), but I still need to rip out the other side. And find buttons, for that matter!

The Vogue cardigan is all done! I need to find some hook-and-eyes to make it close, though, since it hangs a little funny without them. Three guesses why I haven't had the time to buy the hook-and-eyes.

I've also started knitting two teddy bears for a friend whose birthday is coming up soon. She collects bears, and I thought this might be a nice gift. I am loosely basing them aroundKnitty's "Bubby". The smaller one is almost done except for a leg, and I've started making a sweater for him (or her?). I'm making the bears out of leftover Cascade 220 from the Vogue cardigan, and their sweaters and hats are going to be made from some scrap yarn.

I hope to do a real post with pictures next week!


Blogger hege said...

Good luck with your new job and everything else, it sounds like a BIG week! I just came across your other blog with greyhound pictures, and really enjoyed that. Good pictures. Hope you don't mind. I also clicked on the link for the database. Your dogs were winners! I looked up mine, which was cool. They were NOT winners :)
Again, good luck!!!

10:01 AM  

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